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Monday, March 15, 2010 4:05
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Before I start, here’s a shoutout to Jackie and Jenny as thanks for their comments on my last post. Highly appreciated :)

Anyway, life as a fresh non-singleton is pretty daunting and thrilling all at the same time. Daunting because it’s not something I’ve had any experience in -ever-, and also because whilst I’m busy navigating being part of a couple, I have the rest of life in general to keep in check too! But it’s well thrilling for the same reasons – learning more about someone and growing closer to them (on a different level) gives such a buzz that I could never have imagined.

In fact, the euphoria I felt when he first asked me out has only just slowly calmed down a few days ago! (That could just be me being highly emotionally involved in most of my experiences in general, though. :P)

One of my main “regrets” is that while he’s my first boyfriend (which indirectly means he’ll also be my first at quite a few other things), it isn’t mutual; a) I’m not the first person he’s fallen for, b) I’m not his first girlfriend (in fact, I’m friends with her – she was more than happy for us both so that’s a plus!) and c) I’m not the first person he’s kissed either. So whilst I enjoy the thrill of all these new (and slightly alien) experiences, it’s not the same for him – after all, he’s been there, done that.
Though mind you, when I told him how scared senseless I was “because I’m new to all this!”, he laughed and comforted me there and then. Cue the “awww!” cries – did I mention that I’m the older one here, by the way? ;)

Regardless of that, though, keeping to many an adult’s advice of “taking things a day at a time” has worked extremely well. In fact, yesterday was the first ever weekend-long outing I’ve been on with him and some of our other friends – he and another guy had initially planned to celebrate their birthdays with a trip to the movies (they’re both February babies); and this plan didn’t even involve me at first (I’m in the year above their group at school.)

However, a) they took forever to finalize their plans, and b) I ended up with him; so before I knew it, I got invited along to this outing too…of course, with the approval of everyone else in his group of friends. I guess it helped that we all were friends even before I went out with him ;)

It was bliss – my Saturday afternoon was spent playing endless hours of tag rugby + Piggy In The Middle with 6 other people (4 guys and 2 girls) in his garden…which involved countless skids, tons of grass stains and a lot of play-tackling! This was then followed by a meal at a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant – and then, the film. We’d initially wanted to watch Valentine’s Day; but since it wasn’t showing at the time we wanted, everyone decided to go for Shutter Island (that psychological thriller with Leonardo Dicaprio.) Mind you, judging by the trailer, most of them thought we’d be watching a horror film; but it was nice that it wasn’t what we had expected – and it was a good film too, so to say!

By the time the movie ended, it was 11pm; so we all bundled into the car and went back to his garden for the night. I say garden here because we spent the night in a tents – yes, tents, despite it being March and a bit too nippy for anyone sane to “camp out”! Still, having warm sleeping bags and plenty of layers – made it pretty nice and toasty.

Since everyone -refused- to sleep, we played chocolate Russian Roulette, scoffed a bunch of sweets, and generally went hyper/hysterical whilst wriggling around to try and find a comfortable spot/position. Two others in the group (who started going out only 3 days ago) were “at each other’s throats” like an old married couple during all the wriggling/playfighting, which provided us with most of the entertainment for the night. 1.30am rolled around and everyone soon started dozing off – before I knew it, I’d drifted off too.

We got up at 8-ish today (Mother’s Day here in the UK, in fact!), mulled about, then decided to go indoors for warmth + a few episodes of Black Adder (as if we didn’t have enough laughs last night!) A few hours later, his dad cooked a big fry-up (google “Full English Breakfast”) for us – that kept us going well past lunchtime, which was when everyone else left. Being the only boarder – AND non-Brit (haha!) there, I was the last guest left. After all, his mum had brought me over, and didn’t “look ready” to send me back to my boarding house (which was less than 5 mins away from his place.)
So whilst everyone else had cleared off by half-twelve, his family happily kept me on till half past 4; time which was spent watching Chicago with his mum + sisters, as well as having some quiet time together after the film.

Hmm…perhaps I could get used to being “happily attached”, as he put it. :P

PS// My folks called within half an hour of me arriving at his place yesterday (this was around 2.30pm.) I decided to put them on speakerphone so that they – actually Jerry, in particular – could speak to him. Jerry ended up asking him how old he actually was (random much?!) outta the blue, and then – when off speakerphone – proceeded to tell me how my boyfriend “had a very mellow voice – actually, kinda sexy. Fits his photo, in fact.”

Of course, me being me pretended that I hadn’t heard properly and asked him to repeat himself – but not before I had put him back on speakerphone, so he heard…along with the rest of the group. Cue laughter from the whole group and a brother who just realized what his sister had been up to. xD

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2 Responses to “taken: three weeks on”

  1. Jackie says:

    March 24th, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Aww, Ariane! This post sets my heart a-flutter! I’m really pleased you’ve found a special someone in your life! I hope your romantic journey is a long and happy one! :D

  2. Heather says:

    March 26th, 2010 at 3:09 am

    AAAAW! Congratulations! You’ll have to keep us updated, of course! :) :) :)

    PS. SF is back (and so am I!) woo!