So much for the best things in life not being free. If you and your site need a place to call home, I’ll be more than happy to take you under my wing – absolutely F.O.C. :)

Just so you know what I’m looking for, it may be a good idea to read on a bit.

What’s fine by me

- Personal sites, like blogs. Okay, not necessarily blogs, but maybe a bit of randomness here and there with goodies for visitors.
- Small to medium graphics sites. Of course, if your site sucks up a lot of bandwidth, PLEASE get someone else to sponsor some space.
- Approved fanlistings.
- Sponsorship: Graphic sites, mostly. But depending on the situation.

…and these go into my bad books:

- Resource-sucking sites. Be considerate. I don’t have unlimited webspace and bandwidth.
- Porn, hentai, basically – adult sites + material.
- Junk that’s just dumped on your account, as if it were a warehouse. I’ll clear it out, make no mistake.
- Sites that discriminate. Hell no.
- Forums. Sorry, but that’s just too much for me to handle.
- …well, anything that’s bad according to a normal person’s common sense.

Satisfied? Read on…

Terms and Conditions

* English please! Or at the very least, an English version/translation of your site.
* You don’t have to be the master of Photoshop, or PHP + SQL to get hosted. As long as your site’s easy on the eyes and your coding isn’t tag soup, I don’t see why not. Of course, if you own a graphics site, it would be nice if you designed your own layouts!
* FTP knowledge is preferred; but if you’re a lil’ lost, I’m willing to give a crash course. Of course, you gotta get an FTP program first. has a variety of freeware FTP programs – they’re virus free and whatever-ware free too.
* I must stress this: NOTHING ILLEGAL. Or stolen. This means licensed music, videos and the like. If you have tracks that you want to share, use widgets like the one on
* Like most people, I prefer my hostees to be alive; so please update your site at least once a month. If you reckon you’ll be quite slammed with RL, drop me a line.
* If you’re moving out, going on hiatus, or closing down, I’d appreciate some form of notification, thank you very much.
* I’d like to think that I can keep you for as long as YM is up – but in the event that I can’t for whatever reason, I’ll email you with plenty of notice and a backup of your site so you can find a new place.
* Sponsorship is for graphic sites, unless you have a good reason why I should sponsor your site (if it’s not a graphics site).
* If you’re taken in, please place a clear link back to on your site. :)
* Carry yourself well. Hostees are part of a family, and you don’t want to put your family to shame, will you?

Wow, you’re good. Done reading? There’s still more!

The benefits of renting space here. Not that you pay for it.

- Enough space and bandwidth to host your site. I’ll give you more if need be.
- An email account (ask for it):
- OR Whatever floats your boat.
- Your own FTP account. Nice, mm? xD
- If required, 1 MySQL database. No phpMyAdmin access, though. Sorry. xP
- …and a quirky hostess by the name of Ariane whom you can poke if you’re bored.

Wow! Take me in!

Ready? Good. Email me at carolxann[at] with the following info. Sorry that there isn’t a form, because they’re just invitations for spambots to go amok.

Subject: Hosting at

Age (I’m curious xD):
Site URL (it MUST already be online, no screenshot):
Site Name:
Site Info/Type:
Can you use an FTP client?:
Tell me a bit about yourself!:

Any miscellany comments…?

Please answer all Q’s, or I’ll trash the app. If you’re a friend of mine, screw the form! Just email me and say “I need hosting for …” or IM me; the answer’s yes – unless you’re planning to start a Nazi revival portal. xD

Regardless of the answer, I’ll reply for sure (unless something is screwy with Gmail, which hasn’t happened as of yet.) But if you hate rejection letters and want me to be quiet, lemme know.