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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 6:36
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Well I gave up on tweaking my previous theme – it just wasn’t working, much like the couples in my group of friends at the moment. It’s pretty scary being in a relationship when most of your mates are breaking up; though honest to blog (yay Juno! XD), I haven’t ever thought “will it be us next” with regards to myself and JJ (my boyfriend.) We’ve been together nearly a year now – touch wood! :D

So a quick life update – well, as quick as you can get when you’ve got a bajillion things that have happened in that span of time that was update-free…

  • COLLEGE CORNUCOPIA// 4 out of my 5 UK uni choices have accepted me, Imperial College London being my top choice – I went there for my interview/visit and fell in love. :D The rejection was from Oxford, though mind you, I DID get an interview so I suppose I’m not that sucky :P On my to-do list is actually a write-up about the Oxford Experience, from traveling there to the whole interview shebang. Long story short, it didn’t leave me as at ease as much as Imperial did. Now to wait for US uni decisions…
  • STORM IN A TEACUP// December was the debut of our school’s first 100% in-house production; it’s the first time we’ve performed a play/musical we’ve written ourselves. I didn’t actually act, but I ended up needing 3 pairs of hands – I mean, I was playing 3 different instruments for the backing music/numbers, two of which I received NO formal instruction for (the harmonica and accordion.)
  • MAIL CALL// A 2011 New Year Resolution of mine was to stop buying *some* mass-produced toiletries/cosmetics and start looking for other (indie?) alternatives. I was an ardent fan of Chapsticks and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for ages, but a LOT of browsing – and my own auntie’s involvement (she’s a crafter) – led me to sink my teeth into Etsy, the home of handmade. A few more blogs with favorable review later, and I’m no longer an Etsy Virgin.
  • At some point I’ll be doing an in-depth review of Epically Epic Soap, a shop owned by Allison – the second Etsy seller I purchased from (the first being Shiro Cosmetics, which I’ll elaborate on once their package gets here! :D) Safe to say EE now makes my favorite lip balms, in a wider variety of way-more interesting flavors (come on, there’s Anjou Pear which tastes so much like – duh, Anjou Pear! xD) Some of their other items I have are mini solid lotions and I Love Lychee perfume oil, which may very well take over DKNY Red Delicious as my staple (fruity) scent. Alcohol begone! XD

No, I haven’t gone frivolous with that last point. To be frank, the reason I’ve gone indie – or reasons, rather – are far from that: I much prefer the idea of buying from a unique, living, breathing, kindhearted person rather than a faceless name that is all about the money and wants to screw you over. I like the fact that even if more than one seller is selling the same type of product (vegan lip balms), they’re not competing with each other in the cut-throat manner commercial brands do. Also, I like knowing what goes in my stuff – and being able to pronounce it (even though being a chem geek means I can actually name + pronounce complex chemical compounds based on weird diagrams.)

Of course, there are many more reasons (a few somewhat health-conscious) I’ve gone indie…this is just the tip of the iceberg. :D Think custom blends, personalized service (even before you pay for an item!) and etc.

Also, if you plan wisely (I know shipping can be a pain), it actually ends up being cheaper somehow. ^^ 9ml of perfume oil without the nasties is going to last me ages compared to a bottle of 25ml EDP/EDT – which, being alcohol-based, seems to last for as long as a muon does (non-physics decoding: a frickin’ short time XD). Also, I’m less likely going to make people go “urgh, that perfume is overwhelming. You smell like a baby prostitute.” Save on cash and decrease likelihoods of social faux pas…me likey. :D

So there we go – I think with that, I may well end up having to add a category or two. Hmm. ^^ Now to rewrite my profile, some pages and be clear on where YM.net is steering towards!

PS//Jackie, I just watched your Vlog. I love your voice – and you crack me up (in a good way!) :D

(wo)man at work

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 21:18
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Tis’ been a while, n’est ce pas? There are more reasons than one for the neglect of the site; but never mind those.

As you can see, there’s been a bit of tinkering going around here – the old layout is semi-recognizable; but with a different color scheme and some images changed! The font’s different too…so naturally, the Q is this – “WHAT THE FUNCTION ARE YOU UP TO, ARI?”

Ya see, I’m still too chicken to code something from scratch (hello, the structural HTML is a NIGHTMARE for me at the moment…*groan*); but I certainly don’t mind diving headfirst into somebody’s CSS and tweaking as much as I can. Sort of a “sandbox” for me, if you will…and not to worry, I’ll still leave the link to the original template’s creator!

Like said before, I’m not done with this overhaul. The main image needs to be replaced (yes, another Stickie is coming your way!); but most of all, I’m rewriting a LOT of this site. And I mean a LOT; I need to make it more structured. Despite the fact it’s not page-heave, it’s still rather cluttered/here-and-there at the moment.

Plus, since my interests have evolved and changed, so it’s only proper for this site to reflect that. While I’m not the Photoshop/HTML/CSS/PHP junkie I once was, I have definitely gotten more into music and the “geeky” side to cooking (it is, after all, the domestic form of chemical engineering!)

I promise a life update will come after the overhaul is done – methinks I will probably need to scrap all the old posts as well, start “afresh”…

oh, cnn!

Thursday, August 19, 2010 15:45
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I’m not sure how many of you have noticed this, but the CNN website seems to be notorious for “accidental” juxtaposition jokes. Try this simple exercise if you don’t believe me:

Go to CNN.com and look at the two main images + their accompanying headlines/captions. With a bit of imagination, you can definitely see some humor in their somewhat-absurdly-juxtaposed-captions…all you need to do is add one of your own (this is actually optional) and voila, instant laughingstock! :D

(If you’re still a bit fuzzy, continue reading. You’ll get my drift.)

Now I’m not the first one to note this; in fact, there’s a website dedicated to the “preservation” of such cyber-”gaffes” by CNN. When I was first having a bit of a tumblr.com heyday, I used to contribute a fair bit to the site under the username “snipped”. Here’s one of my offerings from way-back-then:

Well, it was an early attempt...

I can see the epitaph now: "Enke, geek at heart."

Mind you, I was pretty chuffed when they posted my submission there. ^_^

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