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Thursday, August 19, 2010 15:45
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I’m not sure how many of you have noticed this, but the CNN website seems to be notorious for “accidental” juxtaposition jokes. Try this simple exercise if you don’t believe me:

Go to CNN.com and look at the two main images + their accompanying headlines/captions. With a bit of imagination, you can definitely see some humor in their somewhat-absurdly-juxtaposed-captions…all you need to do is add one of your own (this is actually optional) and voila, instant laughingstock! :D

(If you’re still a bit fuzzy, continue reading. You’ll get my drift.)

Now I’m not the first one to note this; in fact, there’s a website dedicated to the “preservation” of such cyber-”gaffes” by CNN. When I was first having a bit of a tumblr.com heyday, I used to contribute a fair bit to the site under the username “snipped”. Here’s one of my offerings from way-back-then:

Well, it was an early attempt...

I can see the epitaph now: "Enke, geek at heart."

Mind you, I was pretty chuffed when they posted my submission there. ^_^

Since then, however, I took a break from poking fun at CNN to poke fun at other (more prominent) things in my life (like Jerry, for example. :D) However, I’ve since decided that it would be fun to try again, so I went and did not one, but TWO screencaps of CNN – the international edition, and the US edition. Here are my caps, complete with captions (read – my pretty paltry attempt at being a humorist):

"Don't do drugs. Become a national disaster refugee - they give you them for free." (Mick-take off Love Actually, if you haven't noticed...)

And you wonder why they're on the run!

Anyway, I’m out. A-level results in less than an hour, so I’m a lil’ on edge…

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One Response to “oh, cnn!”

  1. Eunjung says:

    August 24th, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Ahhh, cnn. I used that site for all my articles for my AP Gov assignment. It was such a helpful site…it was also a pain at times. I remember giving up looking through the pages and just going into google and typing the article name so I could get the url to do my works cited.

    lol, I giggled a little when I read your lovely little captions. I never really stared much at what was on the site. It was just mostly print, print, print.