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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 12:50
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If there are such words like midlife/quarterlife crisis, I wonder if there’s one for the mid-teen like moi.

Don’t worry, it’s not as morbid as I’m making it out to be. It’s only that I’ve been reflecting on stuff over the past hour and have, in the process, 1) put Surrealle on hold (as if it weren’t stagnant already, feh!) and 2) seriously rethought about clearing the dusty pages on

Indeed, it’s been a while since I really sunk my teeth into anything webdev-related.

Yeah, some of you out there will probably be eyerolling-me now and saying “social life, school, exams, blah blah blah — we’ve all had it and we still have (semi-)active websites in the least!”

True. And I’ve been throwing myself more into real-life work instead. In the process, however, I’ve discovered that I’m a lot better at creating computer graphics/art meant for applied (read: real life) use rather than just the internet. Needless to say, the “group” I “cater” to design-wise has changed.

*cue the looks of confusion now.*

Ahem. By that, I mean that instead of creating art/layouts for the web, I tend to do stuff like T-shirt graphics, book covers, and other random computer sketches. In the process, I’ve also felt more accomplished because it’s never been in my genetic makeup to control a pencil well. My pen(cil)-and-paper art skills leave much to be desired; so by turning to the pen tool and Photoshop’s canvas, I’m able to do a LOT better.

It’s not something that I’ve only just started doing. I’ve mentioned making page layouts/designs for my old school’s magazine/yearbook back in 06 and 07. And I’ve also posted a copy of the design I made to cover my current school’s student planner earlier this school year. So yes, I’ve done this before; but

And let’s face it – I no longer have the luxury to sit down and debug rows of code like I used to. If anything, I can take existing code and heavily mod it; but now, the thought of making new code for new layouts will 1) scare me or 2) tire me out + no longer offer me a sense of achievement even after I’m done fixing it. I’d much rather expend that energy doing something I’m more comfortable with.

“So what’s your plan, Ari?” Wellum. To start with, I intend to re-engineer Surrealle; it’s still a portfolio, but no longer the “hybrid” that it used to be. I had it as a dumping round for icons (which I don’t even make as much anymore); now, I’d like it to be a proper portfolio that shows off all the computer graphic work I do for real-life use. I’ll have to dig up those old page templates as well as some draft sketches, but it’ll be worth it later on. Surrealle will be an exception to this self-imposed layout sabbatical of mine; the reason I’m irked with layout design is (more often than not) because of how hard it is to do when you have WP on! So yes, I intend to design Surrealle’s layout and filter extensively what works I display on it. will be next. I’m going to dig up all the dusty pages on the site and rewrite/trash them. Some of them have not been updated since 2005; when I first got the domain. The way I sound as a 17-year-old now is FAR from the way I sounded as a 13-year-old. This will be the site that I don’t intend to design layouts for (unless I regain that luxury of being able to sift through WP code again!)
I’m also fully aware of the fact that blog posts on here aren’t as often as they should be – it’s easy to shift the blame on places like Facebook. Frankly speaking, it’s the “dusty” feel of this place that’s sometimes keeping me from writing; and I tend to need time to churn out blog posts (I write, edit, rewrite, re-edit; and it can take up to 3hrs sometimes, even with fast typing!)

I don’t intend to set a timeframe for this reworking, however; only because I’m having A-level study and the workload is expected to be massive; so if I set a timeframe, it’s likely that I won’t adhere to it. Plus, the fact that I don’t have unrestricted internet access at school will hamper me a LOT. Yes, I know that without an exact timeframe, there will be the pitfall of just not handling this reworks *ever*, but I’m just going to have to trust myself to stick to it – by hook or by crook. Easter ’10 sounds about reasonable; Summer ’10 will be pushing it too far, but that’ll be the max perhaps.

Amongst 4 full time + 2 part time A-levels, an upcoming school play to manage, musical (scholarship) commitments and a (sometimes-ailing) social life, I’ll get there somehow.

So there you have it. As a teaser for the kind of stuff you’d expect to see on, why not head over there yourself.

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2 Responses to “irksome irksome”

  1. Jackie says:

    August 30th, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Hey there! Remember me? It’s Lynn, the old hostee from ages ago! (I now know go by my real name, Jackie. Lol.) I kinda “retired” from the blogosphere for awhile, but I’m back with a new blog and domain!

    Good luck with your portfolio revamp! I know schedules can get pretty hectic and you sound pretty busy with your schoolwork and other commitments. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the new Surrealle looks!

  2. Haava says:

    October 31st, 2009 at 6:08 am

    Ha ha ha, I wonder which one of us will be first.
    RT with it’s over-a-year-old theme really needed a change… and I got a little carried away with the design and now I wonder how the hell am I going to code this thing when it’s done x_x.

    You know, you’re not so bad, you’re still more active than I am. I’m just not quite sure if it’s a complement, though… *cough*

    WordPress isn’t so bad, with a good tutorial it really doesn’t take that long to create a decent theme. If it’s not too funky that is. RT will be based on WP as well and it’s yet another reason why it might take some time to put it up: I got carried away. My ideas -should- work in WP, but who knows?
    I’ve just written “Patience is a virue” on a big piece of paper and kept it in front of me while I tried to figure out blog’s MySQL mess and I guess I’ll keep it in a visible place until RT is up and running again…

    Well, that’s it. It’s nice to be back from the dead ;D.
    Good luck! (to both of us :))