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Saturday, February 12, 2011 6:28

So I have my first review drafted whilst I quickly write this explanatory blurb about my decision to start going indie.

Alright, Ari…what brought about this whole new aforementioned crush on indie sellers and such? You can thank the internet (and don’t listen to Avenue Q – it isn’t for pr0n :P) I think I must’ve been doing some stalking I MEAN RESEARCH on Urban Decay some time ago (wondering what the hype for the 24/7s amongst some of my schoolmates was about), and somehow stumbled upon a few MU blogs either singing its praises or going “er…” – a few of which I’ve linked to earlier.

Yes, I’m a sucker for being in the know when it comes to all sorts of companies (not just makeup) and the unique things about their produce, even if I may never buy it – because someone else may always find it interesting, non?

But no, it didn’t end there. I soon noted that some of these bloggers are also advocates of indie makeup/cosmetics, which was brilliant because one of my 2011 resolutions was to shift away from the mass market (partly for price, but for other reasons too.) Being a chem geek (albeit not as cool as this other male chemist I’ll maybe talk about later), I know my nasties. Bismuth? Nope. Parabens? Preferably not. SLS (Laureth and Lauryl)? No thanks – which is why my tube of Veet has been given the boot, and I got a cut-price Braun epilator. I’ve also ditched my L’Oreal shampoos with some other healthier (and waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper) alternatives. Go me!

And because there’s a bit of cancer history in my family (grandma had a relapse, ick :()…parabens can get out, too. So yes, because of my health I’m also trying to stay away from the synthetics that I can do without (not saying I can be plastic-junk-free in my life, but the less I have of it, the better, ja?)

I’ve heard of mineral makeup and indie produce before, anyway, but decided that 2011 would be a good time to get stuck in. A few orders + packets from Epically Epic, Fyrinnae and Shiro later, and I think I quite like this. I haven’t quite gone cold turkey yet, though; most of my (minuscule in comparison) makeup stash is drugstore stuff that isn’t too bad. The bodycare, however, I pretty much have. ^^

So there’s that. Speaking about bodycare, hang tight for my gushings on Epically Epic Soap Co soon!

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