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Sunday, February 7, 2010 0:19

Hola, February – I’ve managed to get myself here to write another post! Methinks this is actually going to be a bit long (because of the many events in the past week) – but eh, let’s see how I fare.

I guess the main highlight of this month has gotta be Jerry turning 15. Seems like only yesterday he was my lil’ kid brother (there’s a 2-years-and-7-months gap) asking for a tickle-fest – he was only a toddler then.
Now, he takes every opportunity to remind me of how much shorter I am compared to him (even though he’s my younger brother, pah!) It’s pretty obvious that I love the guy to bits; so have a good birthday on the 28th, Jerry! :D It’s a shame I’m 6800+ miles away when that happens, but you know what my present for you is already ;)

In other news, I’ve been “signed on” to choreograph (along with my friend Gem) some numbers for the Lower School Play (11 to 14-year-olds) this summer. It’s awesome because:

  • They’re doing “Bugsy Malone”.
  • I get to work with a bunch of juniors I already know – and personal experience has reminded me that I can work with/handle juniors better than those doing the Senior plays. xD
  • It’s dancing – so it’s a breather from the technical/backstage stuff I usually do (generally, as a behind-the-scenes production member, I light + provide sound + keep basic admin stuffo in check.)
  • Rehearsals have started *already*; owing to the extensive amount of choreography that goes into Bugsy (as opposed to something like Macbeth.) In about 4 weeks, Gemma and I have successfully completed the routine for 1 song (Fat Sam’s Grand Slam), are partway through another (Bad Guys/You Give A Little Love) with the help of the boys’ improvisations, and will be collaborating with some of the girls on another (Tomorrow.) Pretty impressive, I must say! We’re also going to let the boys devise their own dances for So You Wanna Be A Boxer…well, as much as they can do. The play’s a ton of fun; especially when you have a bunch of Year Sevens attempting to look flirtatious with a Year Nine boy (our Bugsy, that is) – and failing. xD

    Whilst we’re still on the line of performing arts, the annual Dance Show has also just wrapped up. I was called in at the start of term to assist with backstage flow, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Mrs B (the teacher in charge) reckons I should actually get involved properly next year; but we shall see…after all, I didn’t participate in this one because I could -never- make the lunchtime rehearsals. Poo. -_- Still, good ol’ Mrs B and the dancers gave me a nice gift of Cadbury chocolates at the end of it all. :) Shame Cadbury had to be taken over by Kraft…

    Options Evening for the Year Eleven students (11th graders) was last night as well – this is when we seniors in Year 12 + 13 set up booths and talk to them about the subjects we do at A-Level. The young un’s have choices to make, owing to the fact you can only do 4 subjects at AS level (Year 12) and at least 3 at A2 level (Year 13 – you can drop 1 if you want.) We saw a host of people, ranging from those who had a finger in every pie to those who were hard-up because they weren’t up to scratch (they would’ve struggled with anything they picked. Poo.)
    A few of my friends (and myself) were running round like headless chickens from one subject booth to another; but only because some teachers asked us to multitask. Apparently it’s to show off how well-rounded we were in our subject choices – but I think it may have left the parents feeling like we were stalking them and their kids. xD

    Life’s busy; but it’s also good – because the past week also opened my eyes to who those “thick-or-thin” friends around me were. Jenny (the linen lady), who usually looks after me during the half-term break, was hard-pressed to do it this time because of crazy family living arrangements. I would’ve been “stranded” had it not been for Bex and her family, who offered to let me to bunk at theirs. :) It’ll be the first time that I stay over at a friend’s for an extended period of time, so it’s well exciting ;)

    Alright world; it’s time for me to skip out and tidy my room, which is a constant reflection of the state of my mind (read: messy; because I’m -always- busy thinking of something! xD)

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3 Responses to “bugsy’s february”

  1. Jackie says:

    February 9th, 2010 at 5:33 am

    Indirect Happy Birthday to your bro, Jerry!

    I just looked up Bugsy Malone and it looks cute~! It’s really awesome that you get to choreograph it! I hope the play is a big success!

    Anyhoo, you sound like a busy little bee! I don’t know how you keep up with it all!

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